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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Cortlandt, NY

We Repair Cavities Seamlessly – No Metal Required

Smiling woman in dental chair If you’ve got a cavity, there’s no way around it -- you must get it filled. You do have a choice, however, in what type of filling you receive. These days, getting a cavity filled doesn’t have to leave you with a mouth full of metal. With tooth-colored fillings, your dentist in Cortlandt can repair tooth decay without taking away from your smile’s natural beauty.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: The Natural Option

Closeup of repaired tooth

Tooth-colored fillings are also called white, or composite-resin, fillings. They work by restoring the health and natural appearance of your original tooth. They’re a good solution for decayed teeth or for teeth that are fractured or chipped. Tooth-colored fillings are also an excellent choice for restoring the shape of uneven teeth or close small gaps. Patients who receive tooth-colored fillings constantly confirm what we already know – they’re an excellent, natural-looking solution to a variety of tooth problems.

How Do They Work?

Closeup of teeth before and after fillings

Tooth-colored fillings work just about the same way as a silver filling. Dr. Taxin will first remove the decay from the tooth and then place the resin in the remaining hole and harden it with a special light. The filling can be shaped to match the contours and curves of your natural tooth, so you’ll never notice the filling is there once the procedure is finished.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of smile during dental exam

Tooth-colored fillings closely match the appearance of your natural teeth. That’s a huge advantage, but it’s not the only one. Some additional benefits of white fillings include:

  • They require less restructuring of the original teeth
  • They restore 85 to 95% of the tooth’s original strength
  • They completely dry within seconds
  • They can be used on all teeth without taking away from the smile’s natural beauty
  • They are easily repaired if damaged

How Long Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Last?

Closeup of tooth with filling

As long as you don’t suffer any trauma to your face or mouth, you can expect your tooth-colored fillings to last about seven years. Also, teeth that have been filled with white fillings are less likely to crack or fracture around the filling, which is an excellent advantage.

Dr. Taxin Provides Excellent Care

When it comes time for your filling, you can trust that Dr. Taxin will advise you on the dental restoration option that's best for you. He's uniquely qualified and has years of experience in dentistry. Plus, he truly cares about giving you the dental care that’s best for your mouth.

Let Cortlandt dentist Dr. Taxin show you what an excellent solution tooth-colored fillings are! Our office is conveniently located on Crompond Road, and we’re always here to help you smile beautifully. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.