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Single-Tooth Dental Implants – Cortlandt, NY

Repairing a Single Gap in Your Smile

Model with implant

There are plenty of ways to lose a tooth – a blow to the face during a friendly game of football, a careless bite on some hard ice, or even an extraction that’s the ultimate result of tooth decay. In each of these cases, the appearance and functionality of your smile could be impaired. Fortunately, Dr. Taxin can fill in any gaps with dental implants in Cortlandt; if you’re facing life with an incomplete grin, contact our practice for a consultation! 

Tooth Replacement Options

Missing tooth

The traditional treatment for a single lost tooth is a fixed bridge. This type of restoration places crowns on nearby teeth so that they can serve as support for a single replacement tooth. Unfortunately, the natural teeth are weakened by this procedure and are left more vulnerable to decay. Furthermore, since the tooth roots aren’t replaced, a traditional bridge won’t stop bone loss in your jaw.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are surgically inserted into the jaw to serve as replacement tooth roots; not only does this result in a stronger, more secure restoration, but it’s also more beneficial for your overall oral health. It’s as close to a real tooth as you can get!

What are Single-Tooth Implants?

Crown, abutment, dental implant

The implant is simply a metal post permanently anchored into the jaw via a process called osseointegration. Once this process is complete, you’ll receive an abutment, and finally a ceramic crown will be attached.

The implant posts provide stimulation to the jaw during chewing; this is what’s necessary to keep the bone from deteriorating over time. Because the implant is below the gumline, all anybody will see is the crown, which looks like a real tooth and is customized to look natural inside your mouth by matching the size, shape and coloration of your natural teeth. 

Benefits of Single-Tooth Implants

Smiling patient

There are plenty of reasons why dentists consider dental implants to be the modern gold standard for replacing lost teeth. This includes:

  • A Longer Lifespan: Typically, a dental bridge will last about 5 to 15 years before you need a new one. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last for decades if you take good care of them. Often, they can even last for life!
  • Stronger Chewing: The additional stability of your dental implants will help rebalance your bite and provide most of the chewing power usually provided by a natural tooth. You can eat whatever you want!
  • Self-Supporting: Your natural teeth will be left alone, making it easier to keep them clean and healthy. Meanwhile, the stimulation provided by the implant posts will keep your gum and bone tissue healthy.
  • No Hassle While Brushing and Flossing: A dental bridge can make it hard to keep the supporting teeth clean and cavity-free. With a dental implant, you can brush and floss like you normally would, making it much easier to maintain excellent oral hygiene.
  • Improved Speech: Sometimes a missing tooth will make it harder to form certain words and enunciate properly; an implant-retained replacement will help solve this problem.