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Patient Reviews

"I went to Dr Taxin to be fitted for an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. After using it for 4 nights I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, which was such a foreign feeling. I had completely forgotten what it felt like to feel rested after sleeping through the night. It had been so long. I had the best day ever today! I had boundless energy, felt so alert, my vision was clearer and even my breathing problem has disappeared. If you're thinking about getting an oral appliance, don't wait. I wish I had done this much, much sooner. This little device could improve your quality of life tenfold!!"
- Margaret
"Dr Taxin and his entire Staff are extremely professional, personable and excellent. They made and continue to make an experience I have found terrifying for many years and made it a Comfortable, and Bearable experience. I would like to thank Dr. Taxin, Joy, Corrina and Veronica from the bottom of my Heart!!!!! The Best!!!!" -Val
"Paul is truly an expert in his field. He definitely takes the time to listen an work with you to get the work done in a comfortable manor. I strongly recommend Paul for anyone how has any issues with their teeth or gums (he is the dentist you want to see.)" -Jamie
"The staff is great clean office modern this is my dentist for life he is great honest and does great work. Thank you all " -Rita
"I would recommend this doctor's office to anyone. I have a phobia of dentists office since childhood and Dr. Taxin and his staff put me at ease from the get-go. " -Irmgard
"Dr.Taxin was awesome! He is very gentle and skilled. Joy is the best, helped us with our insurance and costs. She is great!! Karina and Veronica are very skilled and patient. The Taxin team is the best!!!!" -Anonymous
"Dr. Taxin is the best, made me feel very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable. Joy was extremely friendly and looked out for my best interests with money and my insurance :) Karina and Veronica were very friendly,supportive and knowledgeable.. I would refer him to anyone" -Donna
"My two daughters were seen by Dr.Tax in on two separate visits. My eldest daughter was with extreme mouth work. Joy was wonderful, she did everything possible to help me with my insurance while supporting me with any issues that may have came up. Veronica was great! She made both of my daughters feel comfortable while examining their mouths. Karina is great, very supportive and knowledgeable. Doctor Tax in is the best! Would refer anyone to him!!!" -Donna O.
"Dr. Taxin has cured me of my fear of the dentist- he's probably the nicest, most caring dentist ever!" -Anonymous
"I had a very positive visit at your office. Your staff were efficient, professional and friendly. The process used to whiten my teeth was very effective." -Anonymous
"They are great and make you feel like family which is hard to say about a dentist but with them it is true!" -Anonymous
"The women who conducted the tooth whitening did a great job. Not only was she professional, she was gentle and accommodating. She answered all of my questions and was on point. As a health care professional..I was watching and she did not disappoint. She represented your organization well! Thank you." -Anonymous