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Restorative Dentist Dr. Taxin Can Revitalize Your Smile

A healthy smile is priceless, and it's our job to protect this valuable asset. Decay, breakage, and tooth loss can compromise your oral health and detract from your appearance. Dr. Taxin and the team at our Cortlandt Manor dentistry office practice a philosophy of conservative dentistry that stems from a base of oral systemic care. We know it’s best for you to keep your natural smile, which is why we do everything possible to treat compromised teeth and maintain your original tooth structure.

When you visit our practice, dentist Dr. Taxin will work hard to restore the function and beauty of your smile. Modern materials and technological advances enable him to create custom restorations that will look fabulous and stand the test of time. Composite fillings, porcelain crowns, and dental implants can repair damage to your smile and boost the impact of your smile. For patients needing hours of work, those with a strong gag reflex, or anyone who experiences dental anxiety, we also offer sedation dentistry for a completely comfortable visit.

Restorative Dentistry Cortlandt Manor Trusts

One of the most common restorative treatments Dr. Taxin, the dentist Putnam Valley depends on for long-lasting tooth repair, performs is a tooth-colored filling. Rare is the person who goes through life without experiencing some tooth decay. Fortunately a tooth-colored filling allows us to restore your tooth with the same composite resin materials that are used for dental bonding. This type of filling is equally as strong and durable as an amalgam filling and offers the added benefits of retaining more original tooth structure and not marring your smile.

When tooth decay is extensive and a more comprehensive treatment is required, a porcelain crown may be the ideal solution. Also called a dental crown or a cap, this tooth restoration covers an entire tooth in order to renew the tooth’s form and function. To make sure your new crown fits comfortably and looks completely natural alongside your other teeth, we create an impression from which our skilled dental lab create your customized porcelain crown. Your ability to eat and smile will be sustained with a cap.

For patients who need a tooth replaced, the dentist Cortlandt Manor turns to is Dr. Taxin. With dental implants, we can restore your complete smile and help you retain your facial features. When you lose a tooth, the gum and bone tissue that surrounded and supported that tooth begin to atrophy. With a dental implant, the root is replaced with a biocompatible titanium post that stimulates healthy bone growth, so you avoid that sunken facial appearance that can often happen among people with tooth loss.

Learn more about our most common restorative dentistry procedures:

Let us restore your healthy, confident smile! Patients in Cortlandt Manor and the surrounding communities of Mohegan Lake, Yorktown Heights, Ossining, Putnam Valley, Peekskill, Montrose, and Cold Spring are welcome to contact our dental office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Taxin!