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Implant-Retained Dentures – Cortlandt, New York

Complete Support & Flawless Smiles

Older woman pointing to her smile If you’ve lost numerous teeth or a full row of teeth, you are already dealing with a stressful and difficult situation, but your Cortlandt dentist, Paul Taxin, DMD, and his team are here to help. We offer a range of treatment options to help you replace any number of missing teeth and get the smile back on your face. Implant-retained dentures are truly the gold standard in tooth replacement solutions. They allow us to replace missing teeth – roots and all – delivering healthy, beautiful smiles that last. If you’re ready to find out more, call our team to schedule a tooth replacement consultation.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Bar-retained implant denture model

There are a number of benefits to dental implant-retained dentures, including:

  • Stability – compared with removable dentures that restore a maximum of 20% of chewing ability, implant retained prosthetics repair 70% or more. This means you can eat all your favorite foods.
  • Longevity – traditional dentures need to be replaced at least every 10 years to maintain optimal function, but an implant-retained denture will last more than 20 years with proper care
  • Oral health – because the dental implants allow these dentures to be fully self-supporting, your implant supported denture will protect your surrounding dental structures and ensure you maintain gum tissue volume and jawbone density.
  • Ease of care – you can brush your implant denture just like you would your healthy smile. There’s no need to remove your denture or store them over night.

How Does it Work?

Man in dental chair looking at smile in mirror

Implant-retained dentures like other dental implant supported tooth replacement plans require a multi-phase treatment. We begin by removing damaged teeth as necessary. Then, we may need to place a bone or soft tissue graft to ensure successful implant placement. Once your smile is prepared, four to six implant posts will be strategically positioned to provide support for your denture. After the implants fuse with the supportive structures, we will use either ball or bar implant stabilization techniques.

Ball implant stabilization

Ball implant dentures, as you may expect based on the name, use abutment (attachment) pieces that resemble a ball and socket joint. They can be semi-permanently affixed, so that they are only removable by your dentist. However, we can also use a ball implant stabilization to offer removable implant dentures.

Bar Implant stabilization

Bar implant stabilization uses a bar to attach the implant posts to each other, spreading out the pressure of the full denture evenly. This implant method is typically only used for fixed implant dentures.

Understanding the Cost of Implant-Retained Dentures

Older man and woman brushing teeth

The price of your dental implant supported denture plan will vary dramatically from person to person depending on the number of implant posts we need, materials used, and a variety of other factors. While the initial cost of implant dentures is higher than other restoration options, the results can last a lifetime. Factors that will impact the cost of your implant dentures plan include:

  • Number of dental implants used and materials and manufacturers of the implant post
  • Whether you use a ball or bar attachment method
  • Whether you need a partial or full denture
  • The use of dental sedation to ensure comfort
  • Availability of dental insurance benefits

During a tooth replacement consultation, we’ll review your specific treatment plan and deliver a flawless, healthy smile that will last for a lifetime.

Caring for your Implant-Retained Dentures

Once your implant-retained denture is in place, you can continue to brush it as usual. You may also want to use an air or water flosser to remove plaque buildup between the denture and gum line. During your six month dental exams, we’ll examine your smile and help you to maximize your oral hygiene routine both in and out of our office.