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Comprehensive Dental Services in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Your oral health can have lasting effects on your overall health. Based on the findings of recent studies, this mouth-body connection suggests that chronic dental disease and the inflammation associated with it can have major implications for the other systems in the body, including heart, lung, and circulatory complications. By addressing the body as a whole, our oral systemic care can help prevent other illnesses for patients with certain pre-existing medical conditions.

Cortlandt Manor dentist, Dr. Taxin, is committed to excellence by offering a comprehensive range of dental services for oral systemic care. Our caring, compassionate team will answer all your questions and cater to your needs. Dr. Taxin's extensive training and conservative approach mean that our patients receive individualized care designed to promote total mouth harmony and lasting oral wellness. Learn more about our most popular services, including:

A healthy, beautiful smile speaks volumes. Dr. Taxin can replace missing teeth using biocompatible materials and the latest technology. Contact our Cortlandt Manor dental office today and schedule an appointment with LVI trained Hopwell Junction dentist, Dr. Taxin. We also serve patients from Hillside Lake, Fishkill Plains, Lomala, Swartoutville, East Fishkill, and surrounding communities.

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Paul S. Taxin Dr. Paul S. Taxin in Courtland Manor, NY practices advanced dentistry that not only offers the beauty of cosmetic dentistry, but also the health of neuromuscular dentistry. He does everything he can to assure your complete comfort and relaxation through sedation dentistry (914) 930-7605